Originally Swiss-born singer and voice teacher Bianca Hösli is a versatile musician who works both in classical and rhythm music genres in Finland. She is currently expanding her skills in teaching speech technique and researching voice, by studying vocology at the University of Tampere.

Bianca Hösli started her professional music studies at Lahti Concervatory under the guidance of opera singer Margareta Haverinen-Brandt. She finished her studies at the concervatory in 2007 qualifying as a musician; classical singer. Bianca Hösli continued studying voice towards a Bachelor's degree in classical music education at Metropolia Polytechnic University in Helsinki, from which she graduated in 2011. After her graduation she worked as a freelance singer and voice teacher for one year, until she decided to continue her studies, concentrating on rhythm music as well as speech and voice science. In 2013 she accomplished her one-year specialization studies of pop and jazz singing at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In 2016, she graduated with Master of Arts degree (Vocology) at the University of Tampere. Bianca's goal is to be a diverse professional of voice, whether it is a question of speech or singing.

During her musical studies Bianca Hösli has performed several opera roles. She has also been engaged to Savonlinna Opera Festival Choir in the seasons 2006-2010 and to the Finnish National Opera’s additional chorus 2008-2012. In addition to opera music, Bianca Hösli has performed sacred music both as a soloist and as a choir member as well as given solo recitals. Along with classical voice Bianca Hösli acquires her skills in rhythm music by singing and performing lyrical pop and jazz music.

Bianca Hösli is very active in the music field which has also led her into producing concerts and an opera, as well as being a member of opera associations, and in teaching voice and music theory. She has been selected as a board member of the Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing since 2015 and she is also a member of Finnish Association of Vocologists. She has also visited as a backing vocalist in the albums of some bands, such as Ensiferum, Amberian Dawn and Deepsix.